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Marketing is a work with the market, we do it with passion since 2006.

We are a marketing agency focused on creating and analyzing a marketing strategy of the company.
Based on experience, we primarily focus on defining, or improving marketing strategy, acquiring new customers and communication with existing customers, which is a weak point of many companies. In our work with the market we use the latest theories, trends, and marketing analysis tools. We cooperate with many professionals actuating in all sectors of marketing. The output of our work is always associated with a precise implementation plan of individual steps, in the case of client’s interest also with the proposal of the partner, that is most appropriate for given steps. Cooperation in the executive and the subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activity is a must for us.

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Proposal and implementation of The marketing strategy

Strategy, which corresponds with the corporate culture, its vision is clear and easily definable.

We will prepare for you an individual marketing strategy based on the basis of relevant inputs, respecting traditional values of marketing and at the same time the latest trends of marketing communication. The basis of any marketing strategy is a detailed market analysis, knowledge of corporate culture, product or service. Defining the market position based on the analysis identifies the main priorities of communication, as well as the place to which you must be aware. Part of strategy is also a crisis communication plan, in the case of predictable situations. We care about the harmonization of marketing of the company and its corporate culture, which greatly facilitates the implementation of individual steps.

Preparation phases of your marketing strategy

Four principal parts of an individual and functional strategy for your company, product, or service.


Market analysis and evaluation its options. Defining the segmentation criteria that are very important for a successful marketing strategy of the company, product or service.
Marketing mix

Marketing mix

Defining the mix based on understanding customer needs. Determination of the position on market, as well as an appropriate method of promotion.


Good proposition of communication tools, channels and especially the way the company will communicate and discuss with client (customer).


The most important and often forgotten part of the strategy. An accurate proposal and adjusting individual measurement tools will show exactly the desired results.

Independent audit of an existing marketing strategy

Objective and independent analysis of external and internal corporate aspects of marketing.

Each company sometimes need an indenpendent information, look at its operation in the market. Marketing audit is an optimal tool for getting a comprehensive vision, as a brand, product or service perceived by the public, also reveals the effectiveness of marketing communication. Audit is always conducted by an independent expert in respective field of marketing. Careful analysis of marketing procedures, management and especially fulfillment of the objectives defined in the marketing strategy reveals not only the correctness of the implementation of the strategy, but also its efficiency. The result of marketing audit is a comprehensive report containing an exact evaluation of the success of company’s marketing actions. The auditor’s report also contains recommendations for changes with emphasis on the internal possibilities of the company and corporate culture.

Audit plan

Defining the scope, field of the examination and audit timetable. The basic
precondition of relevant and usable audit is accurate determination of its objectives.

Audit implementation

Analysis of marketing environment and the functionality of an existing marketing strategy in it. Audit of real success of marketing strategy and internal processes.

Audit output

Well processed results of the examination in the identified field of a company's marketing. Clear demonnstration on successful places, or detection of weaknesses.

Recommendation for making changes

Processing opportunities, potetial threats arising from the audit. Concrete proposals
for changes of marketing strategy with an emphasis on increasing its potential.

Basic marketing audit

We will prepare for you the elemental analysis of marketing communication, whereby you can consider the next steps.
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The price of the basic audit is €300.

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We provide for our clients many services in close cooperation with proven partners.

How do we work?

We try to find an optimal solution for each client, not always at the cost of our own profit. If we can’t help you directly, we will gladly recommend you a cooperating company dealing with the problem that you are currently solving, they will certainly help you.

Do not hesistate to contact us with any request or problem in the field of marketing, we are ready to
advise in its solution or to fix it for you.

Team Theory

We also provide these services for you:

  • Making the creative concept for ad campaigns.
  • Buying and campaign management.
  • Design and creation of custom made web pages.
  • Online marketing (e.g. SEO, SEM, Online PR).
  • Email marketing.
  • Public relations.
  • Graphic and DTP services.
  • Event management and incentive travel.
  • Production of TV and radio spots.
  • Print and outdoor campaigns.
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